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Travel Buddy: Portable Pet Playpen for Adventurous Dogs and Their Companions

Travel Buddy: Portable Pet Playpen for Adventurous Dogs and Their Companions

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A perfect place for your furry friends to relax, recover, or rest during travels and tent stays 🐾.

🐕 Safe & Reliable: The pet playpen is made from durable and lightweight oxford fabric, designed with your pets' comfort in mind. The black mesh on the top and the other 8 sides ensure excellent visibility between you and your pet, providing peace of mind. The spacious, well-ventilated interior prevents your pets from feeling stifled or oppressed, making it a perfect spot for them to unwind during travel or inside a tent.

🐩 Pop-up & Portable: Our pet tent can be rapidly unfolded or folded without any assembly of metal parts, making it ideal for travel. Fold it up for easy transport and storage when not in use. Quickly create a cozy lounge for your tired pets after indoor/outdoor adventures. Not only suitable for small dogs, but our pet playpen also accommodates rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

🐾 Suitable Size & Space: Our folding pet tent size is 45"x45"x23", offering ample interior space for your pets. For instance, a small dog and her puppies would only take up half the space of the pet playpen. There's enough room for your pets' daily activities and essential pet accessories (dog bed, toys, food bowl...).

🐶 Enjoy a Free & Happy Experience: Pets are naturally curious and energetic, especially during travels and outdoor adventures. Instead of confining them in cages, provide them with a safe and comfortable lounge after playtime. The tent has enough space to accommodate a dog bed or chew toys for growing puppies. They can entertain themselves and feel right at home in this portable haven.

Size 1: 29.13x29.13x16.93 inches

Size 2: 35.83x35.83x22.83 inches

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