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High-Visibility Reflective Dog Life Jacket

High-Visibility Reflective Dog Life Jacket

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Secure, Breathable, and Perfect for Water Activities

Introducing the High-Visibility Reflective Dog Life Jacket, designed to keep your furry friend safe and visible while playing in the water. Equipped with bright reflective stripes, it's easy to spot your dog, ensuring their safety during water activities. The secure clasp wraps around your dog's entire body and neck for added security, while the high-quality mesh material allows for easy breathing and comfort. The durable D-ring buckle makes it easy to attach a leash, perfect for seaside walks. The seatbelt-style buckle ensures a snug fit and prevents your dog from breaking free.

Size Back Neck Chest
XXS 5.91"/15cm 7.48"-10.63"/19-27cm 11.02"-14.57"/28-37cm
XS 8.27"/21cm 9.84"-13.78"/25-35cm 11.81"-16.54"/30-42cm
S 10.24"/26cm 14.17"-18.50"/36-47cm 16.14"-20.87"/41-53cm
M 11.81"/30cm 15.75"-18.90"/40-48cm 16.14"-24.80"/41-63cm
L 13.78"/35cm 16.54"-21.26"/42-54cm 19.69"-29.53"/50-75cm
XL 17.72"/45cm 19.69"-27.95"/50-71cm 27.56"-37.40"/70-95cm
XXL 18.90"/48cm 24.41"-35.43"/62-90cm 34.65"-48.82"/88-124cm

Specifications: Type: Dogs Material: Polyester

Package Includes: 1 x High-Visibility Reflective Dog Life Jacket

Notes: Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5 g for the difference between different colors. Due to screen differences, the color may vary slightly from what you expect.




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