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70L Military Tactical Rucksack

70L Military Tactical Rucksack

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The 70L military tactical rucksack is a rugged and durable backpack designed for outdoor and military use. Made from tough denim material, this backpack can withstand harsh conditions and heavy loads. With a spacious main compartment and multiple pockets, it offers plenty of storage space for all your gear and equipment. The backpack features adjustable straps and attachment points, allowing you to customize the fit and secure additional items. Ideal for camping, hiking, and military operations, this backpack is built to last and is ready for any adventure.


  • Material: Denim
  • Capacity: 70L
  • Function: Backpack
  • Compartments: Multiple
  • Pockets: Multiple
  • Straps: Adjustable
  • Attachment points: Yes



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