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Camping Sleeping Bag

Camping Sleeping Bag

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Camping Sleeping Bag

3 Season Sleeping Bag compresses down incredibly small. This well-priced, lightweight, premium build makes this a must-have for cool-to-warm conditions. Professionally designed for hiking, backpacking, and camping, this bag has a superior weight-to-warmth ratio and is the ultimate sleeping bag for saving space and weight.

Long-Lasting and Durable 

Well crafted and stitched with polyester, velcro, waterproof, pockets, and hooded drawstring, this sleeping bag is one you will need on every trip you take. Its craftsmanship is second to none and with quality stitching. This will be your go-to lightweight sleeping bag whether you are camping, hiking or just having a sleepover. It’s suitable for most ages and genders, which makes it very comfortable for anyone.

Stay Warm 

Insulated feathered clusters will keep you comfortable and warm on chilly nights.  On warm nights it has openings to let your body breathe.  You should put this sleeping bag for camping in your cool or warm-weather camping gear.

Save Space and Weight

 Paired with the compression sack, the weight, and size requires little space to bring this along. Makes for a great backpacking sleeping bag so you barely know it's with you. Extremely lightweight. 


  • Lightweight Compresses to save space and weight while traveling
  • Double Pairing Connect 2 sleeping bags for 1 ultimate experience 
  • Water Proof Does well in most weather conditions. 
  • Ultimate Comfort Crafted beautifully with full-down, cotton and zippers for convenience. 
  • Hood To maximize warmth and comfort, the all-in-one hood included will keep you cozy. 


  • Dimension Standard: 220x75cm(87"x30"),
  • Widen Type: 220x85cm(86"x33")
  • Net Weight: 1kg(2.2lbs), 1.4kg(3.1lbs), 1.6kg(3.5lbs), 1.8kg(3.9lbs)
  • Color: Blue, Orange
  • Fabrics: 210T Anti-Tear Polyester Fabric
  • Filling: Down & Cotton
  • Comfort temperatures:
  • Comfort Zone: about 42 F
  • Lower Limit: about 32° F 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sleeping Bag
  • 1 x Compression Sack
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