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Business Travel Boarding Luggage Suitcase

Business Travel Boarding Luggage Suitcase

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Lightweight Travel】 Luggage made of ABS material, ABS has the name of "soft steel", and can quickly rebound after impact, the overall lightness of the box, you can easily travel without burden.

Silent Travel】 Luggage is equipped with silent universal wheels, smooth and obstacle-free, suitable for a variety of road implementations, the wheels are wear-resistant noise reduction so that your journey is smooth to the end.

Unique Design】 Different from the rectangular shape of traditional luggage, this luggage adopts an irregular geometric shape, inspired by the sparkling diamond, this luggage also adopts a diamond-cut appearance, a unique design sense.

Beautiful Travel】 This five-piece luggage set is equipped with two suitcases, so you can load your cosmetics, so that travel can also remain beautiful.

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