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Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Lightweight Sleeping Pad

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Lightweight Sleeping Pad

This durable, lightweight sleeping pad packs the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and weight reduction features. Lightweight Sleeping Pad w/ Nylon TPU comes with Adjustment Valve has ultralight size pads that are tapered with reduced thickness to save on size and weight. This camping pad is perfect for tents, backpacking, camping, car camping, or hiking.

Comfortable Sleep

The rhombus-shaped tracheal design provides good support and facilitates air circulation. Let you in the outdoors as in the home bed. The inflatable thickness is up to 2.6in, and the multi-trachea disperses the pressure, which is comfortable and soft, and the support is strong.

Wear-resistant And Waterproof

40D nylon TPU fabric. The air cushion is more wear-resistant and has anti-air leakage than ordinary air cushions. Because we use a unique double-layer composite laminating process. maximum durability.



Maximum Durability


The soft fabric on top helps you stay on the mattress. With the square air cell construction, you get ultimate support and height from the ground to improve comfortability.

Small And Portable

The air cushion is small in size and ultra-lightweight. At the same time, we come with a storage bag, you can easily store and carry it when you travel, bringing you a caring travel experience. Size: 23.2×76.8×2.6in Storage size: 3.9×11.8in Weight: 1.25lbs

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