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Frontiersman Bear Spray - Maximum Strength Formula with 35ft Range

Frontiersman Bear Spray - Maximum Strength Formula with 35ft Range

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Protect yourself while hunting, camping, or hiking with Frontiersman Bear Spray. This essential item features the strongest formula allowed by law (2.0% Major Capsaicinoids) and is backed by an industry-exclusive in-house HPLC lab to guarantee maximum strength in each canister.


The spray has a 35-foot range, reaching up to 10 feet further than the competition, and creates a greater protective barrier per burst (up to 84% more than competitors). With a quick draw belt or chest holsters, the bear spray is easy to access when seconds count. Plus, the Frontiersman holsters eliminate unnecessary hook and loop straps, allowing for quick and silent access during an emergency.


The environmentally friendly bear spray is rigorously tested and proven effective against all types of bears by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources. Don't venture into bear country without Frontiersman Bear Spray.

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